“DiFi” Joins Devlin Design Group

Friday June 13, 2014

The legendary DiFi…Diane Fiolek, is now part of the award winning team at Devlin Design Group.

DiFi is a graphics, animation and scenic guru recognized around the world and on all platforms for her breakthrough designs. She brings her considerable expertise in broadcast design and branding to Team DDG as Creative Services Director.

Diane is a radical thinker who places a laser-like focus on her two key customers: the one who commissions the scenic project and their viewers. She has the ability to lead all aspects of a scenic project from the conceptual, through project management, on-site consulting and ending with on-time delivery.

“I have worked with Dan and Team DDG on a number of projects over the years. Because of our connection, we trust in each other’s abilities to do what needs to be done. I am impressed with the creative culture Dan fosters at DDG. The culture is what creates the foundation for all future innovation…it’s a shared way of doing something with a passion. Culture breeds dedication, knowledge delivers results.” —Diane “DiFi” Fiolek, CSD, Devlin Design Group.

DiFi has been honored by the best and has eight NATAS Emmy Awards as well as numerous PromaxBDA international awards for animation, set design and promotion. She is a sought after speaker at professional conventions such as RTDNA and PromaxBDA. She also speaks to station groups and design schools. That’s pretty cool…all this and she’s also a classic pianist!

Prior to joining Devlin Design Group, Diane served as a Principal & Senior Designer for VDO and worked with Team DDG on projects around the world. She was also Design Manager for Bright House Networks.

What more can you say about someone who has a proven track record as a strategic thinker who offers multiple solutions solving multiple levels of client needs? I guess you could say the best just got better. Team DDG sets have been honored for three straight years as the best sets in the country…including the just announced award for the 2013 Set of the Year from NewscastStudio.com.

“DiFi is a great addition to an already great team. In addition to being a design guru and a branding goddess, she’s a bit wacky, and we like that. Her proven abilities will complement the well-established creativity, knowledge and innovation of the crazy geniuses at Team DDG.” —Dan Devlin, Owner/Chief Creative Strategist, Devlin Design Group.

For additional information, contact Steve Minium, Minium Media Strategies, 859,282,7606, sminium@miniumstrategies.com.