KTVK-TV Goes On-Air With Their New Set Addition!

Monday November 5, 2012

KTVK-TV Goes On-Air with their new set addition!

KTVK went on air this morning with their new News Set addition. The new set area features rich wood tones mixed with silver metallics that complement the existing set nicely but are fresh and modern at the same time. The video wall, with 2 large 70 inch monitors, and the RP Screen area both are flanked by large walls of back-lit color changing graphics. The new set can be used for multiple venues from breaking news casts and interviews to their Good Morning Arizona show. The design allows for a great deal of versatility in a relatively small space. Even the rolling Interview Platform tucks back under the wall when not in use and becomes part of the design. The round multi-purpose desk can also be moved around the set in a variety of positions. The new set provides the flexibility and versatility that they needed while also giving KTVK a more modern, hi-tech look. You can see more pictures of the set as it was installed on our blog, here.

Congrats to everyone at KTVK-TV on their launch! We wish them continued success.