WHP-TV News Release

Friday July 6, 2012

WHP-TV Launches New HD News Set!
We look the best in the market, just like I knew we would! Thanks so much to Devlin Design Group for everything! ~Holly Steuart, WHP-TV, VP & GM

Harrisburg, PA: With considerable excitement and to rave reviews from the viewers, WHP-TV launched their new HD News Set design on Saturday, April 14, 2012.

I could not be more thrilled with what Dan and his team created for us! The design and the various set elements really set us apart in a very competitive market. The video wall is the most striking element. It gives us so much flexibility and enhances our video in new ways. ~Holly Steuart, VP & GM, WHP-TV

Their new HD News set features a 2×3 NEC monitor wall, a rolling Kiosk with three mounted vertical plasmas, and a pivoting main anchor desk. With the ability to pivot the new main anchor desk, WHP can shoot at different angles for a variety of looks and maximum flexibility, to showcase the news.

Our latest set designs include more open spaces complimented by large video walls, like the 2×3 video wall we installed at WHP, that provide more area for mobility of the anchors and flexibility in presenting the news. We want our designs to propel our clients forward; to allow them think outside the box and produce the news in new ways. ~Dan Devlin, Creative Director, Devlin Design Group.

The WHP set design also incorporates warm, organic finishes, backlit graphics and color changing lights that create different moods for their newscast segments. The overall look is modern and dynamic.

Holly Steuart also had this to say about Devlin Design Group, We had worked with Dan and DDG before and his ability to meet our deadline and the DDG Team’s willingness to listen to what we really wanted made DDG the best choice!â

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DDG is a pioneer in HD broadcast set design.  DDG’s team of HD scenic designers created the first HDTV news set for WRAL-TV, the first U.S. station to broadcast in HD, in addition to award-winning broadcast set design for broadcasters and networks worldwide. The DDG pros are experts in creating TV news set design specifically for High Definition environments.  See samples of their creative work at ddgtv.wpengine.com  DDG, creativity unleashed.