America’s Coolest Set: KRIV Houston!

Monday January 16, 2017

Houston ranks as the nation’s fourth most populated city. Its diverse residential neighborhoods spread far and wide. The area is bustling with culture and energy and has recently gained recognition as America’s next great global city. Forbes Magazine took notice of all the culture the city has to offer, naming Houston, “America’s Coolest City.”

‘“America’s Coolest City” needed “America’s Coolest Set”! KRIV, FOX 26 Houston, has a track record of innovation and forward thinking. That ‘cool’ spirit and energy is evident in KRIV’s new scenic storytelling environment dreamed up by the collaboration of the news team at KRIV and the team at Devlin Design Group. It is a definite showstopper.

This space is designed for interaction and movement. Anchors and reporters can gather at a storytelling pod with two touch screens located at the center of the stage. They can then take viewers deeper into a story at one of the many go-to areas for storytelling. The limitless possibilities of this innovative storytelling environment are enhanced by a sweeping curved walk and talk 6×3 video array. The addition of a rolling social media touch screen pod allows talent control of the information displayed.

Large dual rear screen projectors arranged in a convex curve give a distinct look to the design and also offers another grand area for presenting. Three vertical 75” monitors are grouped in another multi-purpose storytelling area for more intimate presentations. Two more large vertical monitors flank the main area of the set.

An undulating ceiling element wrapping the inner contour of the spacious studio helps keep the lid on this design! Color changing RGB LED background walls add to the versatility. A glass lounge area at the rear of the set offers the ultimate view of the energetic newscasts for guests. A moveable riser and custom couch are the perfect platform for conversation. A substantial green-screen is available for virtual graphics.

This innovative design is not only ‘cool’ it also resonates with Houston’s diverse and energetic audience.

“Team DDG continues to explore the future of scenic design. We live by our mantra: Creativity, Knowledge, Innovation. We strategize, implement, prototype and employ new ideas. It is especially exciting when a client like KRIV comes along and wants to explore and create the future with us.” Kartik Dakshinamoorthy, Devlin Design Group’s Scenic Design Director