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KYW CBS, Philadelphia PA, Debuts New Audience-Focused Set from Devlin Design Group

KYW, the CBS O&O, serving the Philadelphia metropolitan area, debuted a new set by the team at Devlin Design Group. 

The collaboration between the KYW and DDG teams resulted in an audience-focused scenic storytelling environment. Creative design and the latest in technology converged to create a fresh new look representing the KYW CBS brand. During the input phase of the project, the KYW team expressed they wanted an adaptable set that featured a variety of storytelling venues. The evolving CBS network’s ‘deconstructed’ iconic eye logo provided inspiration for the modern design.

“This was an incredible opportunity for the KYW team to rethink and reimagine storytelling. Team DDG was determined to solve our client’s needs with a landmark solution. The different technology-driven venues connected by the ease of movement between each presentation area, gives them an opportunity to reinvent how they can add more visual content and connection. It enables them to have a deeper engagement with their audience.” Kartik Dakshinamoorthy, VP & Scenic Design Director, Devlin Design Group.

Impressive tech tells the story! An expansive curved seamless LED wall (23’7” W x 6’3” H) anchors the main talent shots. A substantial desk includes a wide curved LED screen (6’7” W x 12” H) for displaying branded graphics. Color changing lights on the desk front offer additional flexibility. The desk is positioned downstage to accommodate the ‘big story’, enabling talent a generous amount of space to walk and interact with video and graphic content displayed on the sweeping LED wall. Three contemporary woven metal light fixtures add a unique accent to this central area.

Two individual presentation areas are located left of the main desk. A large tracking LED wall (14 2” W x 7’10” H) can be used as a single image or can easily slide apart creating 3 individual video panels. This transformable screen gives talent an opportunity to customize storytelling. A rolling kiosk with a touchscreen display is available for interactive presentations. 

Right of the main desk, the ‘Next Weather’ area is anchored by a color changing weather desk, large enough to accommodate a team of meteorologists during severe weather. The space features a generous array (7’11” W x 4’9” H) for displaying the latest weather stats. A tall color changing monolith with CBS branding adds depth and interest to the scene.

Next to the weather area, guests invited to the new interview space will also feel an elevated experience. The area is a flexible and welcoming space outfitted with a movable riser and a custom crescent shaped couch for a casual chat or an in-depth discussion. Another substantial LED wall (23’7” W x 6’3” H) offers opportunities for custom graphics. Flanking the center array are 2 low resolution LED panels (13’1” W x 8’2” H) adding another layer of interesting visual texture to this versatile venue. A prominent circular RGB color-changing ceiling element adds structure to this exceptional multi-purpose presentation area.

Architectural textures, including reeded glass and board form concrete, provide a solid foundation. Color-changing RGB back and front lighting adds versatility to the scenic elements located throughout the studio. A suspended second floor walkway adds another layer of dimension to the space. Team DDG’s design solution was greatly inspired by the ‘deconstructed’ CBS eye logo graphic elements. A light wood floor with an outer ring of concrete adds a bright modern tone to the studio. CBS logo elements appear on color changing scenic elements placed throughout the studio creating interesting branding focal points. 

“Our mission for the KYW set design was to create new and improved functionality, interactivity and viewer engagement. The look and feel had to connect with the Philly audience and align with the evolving CBS brand. We needed to look at the heritage of both entities with a fresh and innovative eye. From idea to execution, it is now exciting to imagine the limitless potential this collaborative design offers our client.” Diane ‘DiFi’ Fiolek, VP & Creative Director.

Lighting Director, Dan McKenrick, utilized a new studio lighting package by Brightline. “The fixtures are extremely flexible and ideal for a project of this scope and nature.” 

The lighting fixtures are primarily mounted to an 18-ft grid, keeping lights clear of camera shots, and offering a wide and uncluttered view of the expansive new set. Larger soft lights deliver the output and control enabling them to be mounted at a distance from the talent while maintain a flattering angle.

Fabrication by Scenic Solutions. Electronics and integration provided by GrantAV.

About Devlin Design Group:

Devlin Design Group is one of the most influential set design and lighting design firms in the world. They are renowned for their iconic sets, expert scenic lighting and their energy and commitment to design excellence, with a fresh perspective… Creativity, Knowledge and Innovation.

For more information, contact Diane ‘DiFi’ Fiolek.  248.875.9565

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EJ Baker



Productive, proactive and passionate about executing the ‘never been done before’ describes EJ! Their belief that creative project managers are the stuff that holds creative teams together by helping to foster an environment where innovative ideas happen, is pure magic.

EJ is passionate about the diversity of their work history on a variety of high-profile projects. A gamer at heart they organized their own mini esports tournament which led to a gig at esports titan, Riot Games. It wasn’t long before the creators of VENN, the streaming network dedicated to gaming and pop culture, noticed and invited them to join the team in launching this ambitious project.

Having worked from ‘the client side’ perspective of scenic design projects, DDG clients benefit from EJ’s magical skills — facilitating collaboration and brainstorming sessions, setting realistic deadlines, keeping projects on track and on budget. They know how to juggle all the moving parts of a scenic project, anticipate challenges and address them before they become problems.

What does downtime look like for this dynamo? How about being one of Brooklyn’s top roller derby stars for starters. EJ’s opinion carries lots of weight around DDG — and weightlifting circles as an Olympic coach and competitor. Throw in training for the next marathon, watch EJ run circles around the competition.

Bruce Aleksander



With an interest in photography, theatre and film that goes back to childhood, Bruce had his first camera at age 6, shot his first film at 13, and was lighting performances at 14. Long before lighting and production were his profession, they were his hobbies. Today they remain one of his passions.

Bruce is an accomplished and creative lighting consultant for multi-camera television production. He learned the fundamentals of lighting from the pioneers of television lighting including Imero Fiorentino, Bill Klages and George Spiro Dibie. From that base, Bruce has gone on to win recognition for his work, including Emmy and Telly Awards, PROMAX Gold, Set of the Year and the Illuminating Engineering Society’s international award.

His projects include news studios, talk shows, a national network series, network remote production, promos, commercials, sports, telethons, theatre, symphony orchestra broadcasts, and cultural events. Bruce shares his extensive knowledge and vast experience by continuing to publish articles about lighting design and the latest in lighting technology.  

Bruce lives in Seattle where he enjoys his other passions, the local art scene, hiking, travel and getting together with friends.


Diane Fiolek “DIFI”



DiFi is legendary in the TV biz for her breakthrough designs. A Michigander happily transplanted to Florida’s Gulf Coast, she’s taken home some of the industry’s most prestigious honors including 30+ Emmys, PROMAX awards, Set of the Year and Telly Awards. A strategic thinker, DiFi delights DDG’s clients with multiple solutions for their every design challenge

Being nimble is critical when dealing with today’s brands across many touchpoints. Not only well versed in set design, she also is a seasoned animation and graphics pro. DiFi adds special skills and knowledge to Team DDG’s creative toolbox and will put all those outstanding creative talents to work on your project.

A classical pianist who’s as comfortable with Bach and Brahms as she is with generating new and exciting designs, her branding prowess is perhaps matched only by her talents in the kitchen, much to the appreciation of her husband and friends! And she gets as much pleasure from being around positive people as she does wading into brainstorming sessions with seasoned professionals.

Diane graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, in addition to completion of courses in interior design and technical drawing at Michigan State University. DiFi is well versed in the Adobe suite and has completed VIZrt training.

Kartik Dakshinamoorthy



Kartik is Team DDG’s inspirational Spirit Leader. He has an exceptional ability to collect input from seemingly disparate sources, pull it all together and create designs that amaze clients and engage audiences. He says his most creative time of day is sometime after 2 am when distractions are at a minimum and his full creative energies are at their zenith.

Kartik grew up in India on a road to become a heart surgeon. As a college student he sought balance in his world by back-packing through India, a path that led him to turn down a full scholarship to one of India’s most prestigious medical schools and follow his creative passions… much to the delight of Team DDG clients around the world.

With over 20 years at DDG, Kartik has led the team in some impressive wins. His award count includes a dozen Emmys, nine Set of the Year trophies, eight PROMAX Gold Awards, and a Telly Award.

Kartik finds balance through his life with his amazing wife and daughter. His passion is fueled by the desire to be the very best… a goal fulfilled with every one of Team DDG’s custom set designs. Kartik’s eyes light up when someone says…“I know this isn’t possible, but what if…” That is the precise moment Kartik begins crafting the design that transforms their ideas into stunning reality

Kartik is a stickler for detail and personally oversees all aspects of the building process to ensure that the construction is kept at a high standard, meets the intent of the project design, and comes in on budget and on time.

Kartik pursued his education beginning at the prestigious Sir. JJ School of Architecture and merited a Bachelor of Architecture, an India Gold Medalist, immediately followed with a Master of Architecture from the University of Arizona.

Dan Devlin



Dan is the inspirational chieftain of Team DDG’s creative geniuses. He is a team building ‘Think-Meister’ who lives the founding principles he used to establish the company more than 30 years ago – Creativity, Knowledge, and Innovation. These principles form the keystone of DDG’s success in captivating audiences around the world through award winning, stunning, and technologically advanced scenic storytelling environments.

A Jersey boy who spent his formative years in Arizona, Dan’s creativity is fueled by his passions: mountain biking, travelling and the pursuit of excellence. When not at his desk overlooking the Sonoran Desert, you can find him in Huatulco Mexico, Sandpoint Idaho, or the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, traversing high country trails on a mountain bike. These soul replenishing rides are bounded by discipline but nourish unbridled creativity.

The inspiration from these frequent adventures through breath-taking scenery, coupled with a passion for technological expertise, is the blend that produces set designs that have been awarded Set of the Year nine times, the PROMAX Gold Award for a record breaking eight out of nine years, and more than two dozen Emmy Awards. 

Dan brings a competitive edge to all he does. He leads Team DDG in the process of identifying your expectations for a winning project outcome. He firmly believes, if you can imagine it – you can create it!

Dan earned both a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and a Master of Architecture from Arizona State University.