Atlanta, Georgia: Everything Just Changed!

Friday August 8, 2014

FOX 5 Atlanta’s new high definition news set re-defines and changes scenic storytelling, forever!

The debut of this groundbreaking Devlin Design Group creation is consistent with WAGA’s proven track record of innovation and forward thinking in the Atlanta market.

The creative minds at FOX 5 Atlanta worked directly with the designers at Team DDG.  The goal:  create a scenic environment unique to Atlanta.  But the result of this collaboration was a design so innovative, so different, that it is the first of its kind in scenic storytelling—anywhere.

FOX 5 Atlanta produces more hours of news programming than any other local news operation in Atlanta.

The versatility of this stunning high definition set is defined by the large, color-changing backlit videowalls that allows FOX 5 Atlanta to change the mood and style of each of its many newscasts

The limitless possibilities of this innovative storytelling arena are further enhanced by one of the many go-to areas, such as the Social Media Pod and a Video Kiosk that can be used as part of the Weather Presentation.


Two additional video presentation towers are also integrated into this dazzling set that allows reporters and talent yet another area to present their stories.  The varied presentation opportunities energize the talent and challenge the producers.


What sets this design apart from all others is the innovative pivoting storytelling wall that literally comes alive, and presents itself apart from the rest of the storytelling video wall!


Here is how it works:  A portion of the LED video wall positions itself at a ninety degree angle from the rest of the video wall to allow the reporter or talent to set up their story, much like the opening of a book cover.


After the initial story setup, the intro section of the video wall pivots mechanically and then blends back into the main video wall and becomes part of the continuing story.  The storyteller now has the option to share their story while walking along the larger storytelling wall. 

The video wall’s limitless ability to change content and background allows the storyteller to stop and use the specific content changes in the graphics wall to visually punctuate the story.

This innovative design element truly changes all forms of scenic storytelling moving forward.

“Team DDG congratulates WAGA and FOX Television for their fearless embrace of groundbreaking innovation in Atlanta.  We always enjoy working directly with our clients to produce designs that dazzle and inspire viewers.  Our collaboration with FOX 5 Atlanta produced a design unique not only to Atlanta, but to the industry as well.  Team DDG takes pride in bringing our Creativity, Knowledge and Innovation to life with every design we create.” —Dan Devlin, Owner/Chief Creative Strategist, Devlin Design Group. 

See more pictures and video of this dynamic set here.

For more information, contact Steve Minium, Minium Media Strategies.  859.282.7606