Devlin Design Group Matches Up with the Tennis Channel to Create a Scenic Design for New Studio

Wednesday March 17, 2021

Devlin Design Group, creating a new vision and experience for talent and tennis fans alike, has brought design and technology together in a next generation sports-centric scenic environment for Sinclair Broadcast Group’s, Tennis Channel. The state-of-the-art look in the new Santa Monica studio, launched in time for the Australian Open, the traditional kick-off of the pro tennis tournament schedule.

The modern and sleek design, unrivaled in its presentation of opportunities for both professional sports production and tennis lifestyle reporting, reflects the well-known Tennis Channel 24-hour brand. An ambition to engage the audience in the excitement of the sport, is at the core of the design development which also includes a fresh new graphic identity.

“The direction from the team at the Tennis Channel, to create opportunities and flexibility in order to be more immersive, improve access for talent and die-hard fans and tennis enthusiasts like me, and to create a dynamic and innovative worldwide vision for the game, was a tall order. Team DDG met the challenge!” notes Kartik Dakshinamoorthy, VP and Scenic Design Director, Devlin Design Group.

Tennis Channel’s expert analysts will have many tools in their arsenal for presenting compelling tournament and match information. The on-air team immerses fans into top matches and the game of tennis by using display technology and working in synchronicity with their surroundings.

“Devlin Design Group created a studio space that allows us to bring tennis to our viewers through multiple performance areas, lighting and design options with a consistent look that maintains the Tennis Channel brand,” said Bob Whyley, senior vice president, production, and executive producer, Tennis Channel.

An organic sculptural main desk is where commentary about current events in the world of tennis flow between the channel’s on-air team members. The main background is a large LED display showcasing graphics and video, flanked by color changing panels and an eye-catching backlit pattern, adding incredible depth and variety to the multitude of camera angles. A large LED display tower to the right of the desk is the perfect place for a remote team member or guest to be invited into the discussion. The tower also serves as an optional stand-up presentation area.

Guests invited to the Tennis Channel set will also feel an elevated experience. Located at the right of the main desk, the interview area is a welcoming and flexible space, outfitted with a custom couch designed to energize conversation. A sizeable LED display anchors this space, perfect for displaying and interacting with tennis related content including sports, health, fitness, pop-culture, entertainment and travel programming. The added jewel, a dimensional iconic Tennis Channel logo, created from stacked rows of tennis balls, adds visual interest to the area. 

The opposite side of the new studio features another grand presentation area with a large LED display. Breaking from a traditional 16:9 aspect ratio this dynamic curved and stepped canvas for storytelling, surrounded by an angled color changing frame, is perfect for multiple graphics when presenting analytics, social media, live-talk remotes, or the latest news and information from tournaments around the globe. A circular stand-up desk rounds out this multi-purpose stage.

A multi-story effect, complete with mezzanines, add an impressive scale to the overall design. Three color changing rings soar above the new studio, representing the motion of a racquet head. A backlit, RGB color changing dot pattern surrounding the set adds elevation and motion to the design. Sweeping jib shots capture the excitement of tennis and the grandeur of the new Tennis Channel studio.

About Devlin Design Group:

Devlin Design Group is one of the most influential set design and lighting design firms in the world. They are renowned for their iconic sets, expert scenic lighting and their energy and commitment to design excellence, with a fresh perspective… Creativity, Knowledge and Innovation.

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