KPAX-TV Launches New HD News Set!

Wednesday February 6, 2013

KPAX-TV Launches New HD News Set!

This past Monday, with much excitement, KPAX debuted their new HD news set!

I’m thrilled to have so many different options that we can use during the newscast. Each show can have a different look for our viewers if we choose. And the colors really pop out too. ~Mike Powers, News Director, KPAX-TV.

A bit about the set:

The KPAX set design is clean and modern; a bit minimalistic in its overall appearance but still fresh in appeal. It is infused with classic elements and a dash of modern technology. The soffit design leads the eye around the entire set and the light oak and grey woods blend nicely together, especially on the set walls, giving the set an overall expansive feel. Added to the mix is cool, brushed aluminum and sleek acrylics. The design also includes color changing LED lights to provide a variety of moods for various news segments.

You can see the installation process on our blog, here.

Congrats on the launch and we wish KPAX much success with their new set!