KTVU FOX 2, Launches an Iconic San Francisco Bay Area Inspired Set

Wednesday October 31, 2018

KTVU FOX 2, the O&O located in Oakland, the largest port city in the San Francisco Bay Area, launched a new set drawing inspiration from the surrounding area.

During the initial planning stage the team at KTVU expressed some very important goals. They wanted a unique set that was iconic, yet warm and contemporary. The set would feature a variety of storytelling venues. It was very important this next evolution of KTVU would maintain the station’s iconic legacy in their community. The result of the collaboration of the KTVU team and Devlin Design Group is a high-tech masterpiece that captures the rare essence of this city by the bay.

In an area known for the titans of tech, there are a variety of storytelling venues with some impressive technology. Versatility is the key word when describing the multiple stages. A storytelling tower becomes a dramatic backdrop for the ‘big story’. Talent are able to interact with the video displayed on this 4×2 tall stack of 46” monitors from the desk and standing positions. A 3×3 array of 55” monitors add another sizeable venue for storytelling and as a main shot backdrop. The sleek weather area has its own 9×1 array of 55” monitors to give viewers the latest forecast. The set is flanked by two 90” monitor kiosks.

All of this technology is wrapped in scenery depicting the surrounding area. The pylons on the large vertical video tower with supporting suspension cables pays homage to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. One of the most recognized logos in broadcast, the KTVU ‘2’ is prominently featured in this set design. A large acrylic ‘2’ creates an interesting backdrop for talent shots. Distressed concrete and stacked wood walls with rope accents not only add warmth, but call to mind the look of this historic port city. A sleek metallic wall with slashes of LED lights in the weather area adds a level of sophistication to this high-tech region.

Color changing RGBA LED back lit set walls with a feel of horizontal motion add another layer of flexibility to the design. A four person desk with a dramatic backlit logo anchors the main studio design. A secondary desk and performance area is available on an upper level studio. The secondary studio desk features the iconic ‘2’ in an open and sleek design surrounded by a row of large windows overlooking the bay.

“Team DDG formed a tight relationship with our client. Combining our knowledge and expertise and innovative ideas with the harmonious collaboration of our partners at KTVU, empowered us to create a highly functional and memorable design for the station and its audience.”

Kartik Dakshinamoorthy, VP Scenic Design, Devlin Design Group