KSAZ-TV Debuts New HD News Set

Monday September 9, 2013

Phoenix, AZ: Revisiting KSAZ, The Paradigm Has Changed!

KZAZ-TV’s new high definition set redefines how news operations will use sets moving forward. The old paradigm considered sets as a visually interesting, static background to compliment what was going on at the Anchor Desk.

But this stunning, Devlin Design Group creation is a vibrant and dynamic interactive news presentation area that enhances and drives story-telling, made possible by the versatility engrained in the conception and design of this forward tech HD set.

The design includes large scenic walls with color-changing backlit graphics. These walls can be programmed to change the mood and style of each newscast. The background also includes an impressive, ultra-thin bezel video wall made of 18 large screen LED monitors. The limitless venues of the set challenges producers to expand their story telling and generate new presentation ideas. The result is a more engaging product for the Phoenix audience.

Versatility accelerates with two mobile kiosks. The first has two vertical monitors, the second kiosk includes an 80-inch, mobile touch screen which can pivot to a horizontal mode for an overhead POV for interactive breaking news, weather, sports and social media stories.

The dynamic environment of this set keeps anchors engaged and upbeat since the talent is no longer chained to a desk. This capability is enhanced by daily choreography meetings meant to maximize the set’s various story telling venues.

“Some people might suggest sets don’t drive ratings, but coincidentally, ratings are up for KSAZ since they debuted this set in September. One explanation from the people at KSAZ is that the forward leading, interactive design is the spark plug that re-energized and reinvented how the station approaches each program. DDG is proud to be part of the team that has redefined story telling in the Phoenix market.” –Dan Devlin, Creative Director, Devlin Design Group

For more information, contact Steve Minium, Minium Media Strategies. 859.282.7606 sminium@miniumstrategies.com