TV’s First Television Station Breaking New Ground

Wednesday March 19, 2014

The nation’s first television station continues to break new ground…this time pioneering a new genre of scenic design with the debut of its new set from Devlin Design Group!

WRGB broadcast its first television signal in 1928…when there were only four TV sets in the entire market. The distorted, pinkish images seen in the 3-inch screens of those early TV sets are a far cry from today’s brilliant HD resolution.

Only on the air for a couple of days, WRGB is already taking advantage of the versatility of this new presentation arena through the use of the set’s large storytelling displays and programmable color-changing backlit graphics…variables that can change the style and mood of each newscast.

And while the new scenic environment helps sell the story with open architecture and large displays meant to enhance WRGB’s content and talent, it does so without overpowering either one.

Lisa Jackson, News Director at WRGB believes the customizable DDG set allows her to use different shots and backgrounds all meant to avoid repetition in the newscast.

The station, known for its uniquely branded enterprise reports, is using the set’s multiple venues to showcase video and graphics integral to this type of storytelling.

“We do a lot of news at Sinclair Broadcasting’s WRGB CBS6/WCWN CW15! The new DDG set allows us to completely diversify how we present our programs. Each half hour newscast looks different and dynamic and, best of all, it allows us to showcase our unique content in ways that distinguishes us from the competition.” —Lisa Jackson, News Director, WRGB-WCWN

The groundbreaking set takes full advantage of WRGB’s large studio space allowing for movement and motion previously unseen in the Albany market…capabilities that “un-anchor” the station’s talent and allows them to interact directly with reporters, meteorologists and sportscasters.

News Director Lisa Jackson is particularly fond of the large programmable display wall, the working weather center, and both rolling stand-up video kiosk positions…all important showcasing tools she believes makes her newscasts more demonstrative and easier to understand.

She also believes the set is just plain gorgeous, using finishes and an overall design reflective of the textures and colors that abound in Upstate New York.

WRGB also used Brightline Evolutionary Lighting Systems to take full advantage of the stunning HD design of this Devlin Design Group set.

“The Albany-Schenectady area is where television began nearly 90 years ago. We congratulate WRGB for continuing their pioneer spirit and market leadership with the debut of this trailblazing storytelling arena. We are proud to be the team that transformed their dream into reality.”—Dan Devlin, Creative Director, Devlin Design Group.

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