WPTV Debuts Locally Inspired New Set Design by Devlin Design Group

Tuesday August 10, 2021

Scripps’ Local Media, (WPTV/NBC, WFLX/FOX29) West Palm Beach, Florida station, recently debuted a new set by Devlin Design Group, inspired by the beauty of the local southern Florida coastal landscape. The multiple performance areas feature advanced storytelling technology displayed in a visually modern aesthetic of bright tones and organic textures.

The team at WPTV wanted a versatile set featuring a variety of customizable storytelling venues to accommodate both the NBC and FOX channels unique newscasts. The design needed to visually connect them to their community. The collaboration of the WPTV team and Devlin Design Group resulted in a scenic storytelling environment where design and technology converged to represent a modern style representing the WPTV and WFLX brands and their steadfast commitment to the community.

“DDG was able to create an adaptable news environment for our expanding needs. Our journalists now have more tools to visually present compelling stories and instantly engage and bring a deeper understanding to stories that directly impact our consumers.” said Nicole Hogensen, News Director, WPTV.

On the tech side, the impressive storytelling venues help anchors and reporters create visual content that engages the audience. Versatility is the key word when describing the multiple stages. A 3×6 55” expansive storytelling array anchors the main desk talent shots. For the ‘big story’, talent can also walk and interact with the video displayed on this curved array.

Southern Florida is accustomed to extreme weather conditions. Multiple weather performance areas are a vital feature of the design. Two side by side 80” monitors are positioned so meteorologists can explain everything from an impending extreme tropical weather threat to the latest beach forecast from the weather desk. Positioned to the right of the weather desk, a 3×3 55” array is ready for big weather stories and can be used as an additional stand-up area for team coverage.

To the left of the main desk two additional performance areas complete the design. A 1×6 55” portrait array with a movable podium style acrylic desk is a perfect spot for a discussion or as a walk and talk stage. An 80” rolling touch-screen kiosk is available for interactive presentations.

“Maximum flexibility was part of the driving force of this design. The ability for WPTV and WFLX to have their own unique identity on the set was challenging. Once we considered the possibilities and presented them in renderings, immediately the WPTV team was able to grasp the versatility of the design and the possibility of how dynamic each broadcast could become,” said Kartik Dakshinamoorthy, VP & Scenic Design Director, Devlin Design Group.

A southern Florida coastal vibe is evident throughout the scenic storytelling environment. RGB LED color changing ocean waves provide a stunning background for talent shots. White ledgestone and natural weathered panel walls, with the ability to change color with front lit RGB lighting, add another layer of flexibility, talent background variety and warmth to the overall feel. Sea blue towering walls display a custom watercolor stroke pattern creating an eye-catching accent.

The new set design and lighting design by Devlin Design Group debuted July 23, 2021, coinciding with the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony coverage on NBC.

About Devlin Design Group:

Devlin Design Group is one of the most influential set design and lighting design firms in the world. They are renowned for their iconic sets, expert scenic lighting and their energy and commitment to design excellence, with a fresh perspective… Creativity, Knowledge and Innovation. www.ddgtv.com

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